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Why Are We Here?

Why do we need an Adult & Teen Challenge in Toledo? Why a faith-based program? Aren’t there other programs already in Toledo that can help? These are questions we have been asked since moving to the area 3 ½ years ago.

The short answer is “because Martin is living proof that Adult & Teen Challenge works”! He graduated more than 20 years ago and has been living, not just clean, but a life for God ever since. ATC has a proven track record worldwide; it’s been rescuing the addicted for 60 years now.

I (Darla) recently did a Bible study on the Armor of God and am in the final week of study: the helmet of salvation. The author quotes Lexham Theological Wordbook: “Salvation is the rescue from a state of danger and the restoration to wholeness and prosperity.” ATC is so much more than rehab, it is redemption; so much more than sobriety, it is salvation.

Non faith-based programs can and do help people to live soberly, and may even be moderately successful, if sobriety is the only goal.  But our goal and prayer is that the men and women who cross our path gain so much more than just sobriety. A sober life without God may have earthly benefits, but our mission is so much greater.  We want to see men and women set free from addiction and living for God.

The author goes on to say:

When the word saved is used, it doesn’t just involve them escaping death, but also entering into a state of health, wholeness, victory, and safety. Our God’s salvation is holistic and involves the well-being of the whole person – not just rescuing them but even reversing negative circumstances. (The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer)

This is why we moved our family to Northwest Ohio; this is why we stayed 6 months ago when others left; this is why we work full-time elsewhere while we raise our support; this is why we believe in a faith-based program:  because only our God can rescue and redeem and restore what the enemy has stolen!

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